Bildung macht Vieles möglich

IT Training

Remember to "typewriter courses"?

Today, things are much more complex. Many complex IT skills are practically common knowledge already.

Unfortunately, also professionally competent employees often do not cope with this and require a lot of IT support and service. In contrast, young "IT native" people often go along too careless with the company's IT without knowledge of security and privacy, which can lead to high service costs, too.

Make sure your staff trained professionally and optimize your expenses for IT service and support!

Entry-level training

We organize custom-made or standard training courses for your employees, e.g. on the topics of basic computer knowledge, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, at your company site or externally.

Safety training

We organize training for your employees on safety, privacy, recognizing and avoiding dangers and much more.

Training of multipliers

We plan and organize the training of selected staff members and / or employees to so-called multipliers, that is competence people, that are distributed strategically across departments and / or branches of the company to pass their knowledge to colleagues and to save expenses as for service and support.

Expert training

Also the training your IT staff in certain specific areas of expert knowledge we can organize.