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IT service and support

Are your PCs, Macs, servers, routers and other IT components serviced regularly?

A stable and regularly maintained IT infrastructure not only prevents job losses, thus saving enormous costs, but is also essential for the security of your data and a basis of each quality management.

Use our customized service plans and service solutions customized to you!

Whom do you and your employees contact at IT issues and IT problems?

Without good and efficient support sometimes even a mis-configured keyboard leads to hours of non-productive time and high costs. And thanks to years of experience, we understand you even if you not master the "technical jargon", which we see as one of our core competencies in IT support.

Take advantage of our decades of experience in IT support and discover how friendly and fast assistance can be provided!

We can offer you combined packages for service and support on favorable terms.

IT Service

We analyze your IT infrastructure and plan to transfer it to a safe and well-maintained status. We offer professionally planned, regularly and permanent maintenance of your systems and assist you with changes and extensions.
Outsourcing: We have made long-term good experience providing the IT service for individual departments and / or branches of companies or organizations in effective teamwork with the existing IT staff or other service providers.

IT Help and Support

For you and your employees, we provide an IT hotline with an individual contact person by phone or by e-mail.
In many cases, we can also help remotely and directly.

All-inclusive packages for IT service and support

The Synox service and support packages offer a regular and permanent system of care and support for you and your staff, of course, customized to your needs and at reasonable fixed monthly rates. Ask us now!

The benefits of Synox service and support packages in detail:
- Survey on PC systems and software as well as network and telephone systems
- Transfer of the systems to more security and stability
- Regular maintenance, updating and optimization of systems
- Regular information about the current status of your systems
- Help with the IT budget planning
- Indication of important news in the IT sector
- Support by phone or email
- Whopping Discounts!