success by good advice

IT Consulting

As a decision maker you are now looking on a big improvement potential through the strategic use of IT systems in your company or organization.

Profound basic knowledge, latest technical knowledge and much experience are necessary to separate what is possible from what is meaningful and cost effective.

Seek advice and support from us to take the best decisions!

The IT needs of a modern company or an up-to-date organization are vastly different from the ordinary private use of computer technology, especially concerning safety, privacy, stability and effectiveness.


Extension or change of your IT infrastructure:

We advise you in planning of extensions, integration of new company parts and branches, conversions, relocation of departments, reducing the operation up to unrolling of entire parts of corporate IT and all of this without any "technical jargon" or "geek-speak".

Use of new products / techniques:

We recommend the use of good new products and technologies in hardware and software to cost-effectively increase the security, stability and efficiency in the company's work-flow. We also examine the usefulness of the use of proposed products and techniques, far away from marketing slogans. We can run a work-flow analysis for optimization.

Safety and maintenance:

We advise on the safety of your IT infrastructure, propose changes and give recommendations for optimal and effective maintenance of your systems. Of course you can have the service carried out directly by Synox.

Training of employees:

We advise you on the necessary knowledge of your employees in the IT sector for the optimal completion of their specific job and assist you in the selection of new staff. On request we also organize IT trainings at your company site.